Ken-Rad 6SN7GT Black Glass

Ken-Rad 6SN7GT Black Glass

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“Great Bass, drive, sweet midrange, good bandwidth” Read

“…the best bass performance of any tube I have yet tried” Read

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One thought on “Ken-Rad 6SN7GT Black Glass

  1. I’m not sure who’s briliant idea was it to take something awesome – like Ken-Rad, acquire it, and fu** it up! As a result we have GE 🙁 If that’s not a major fu** up I don’t know what is.

    Now about the tube – in a few words – powerful, detailed, complex, transparent. This is definitely one of the best 6sn7 tubes. Really hard to find something to complain about with this tube – so I will not 🙂 Compared to other tubes, it’s very creamy and at the same time transparent. More neutral compared to Sylvania or Tung-Sol VT-231. They are getting hard to find and getting exceptionally expensive – but this is one exceptional tube. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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