Genalex Gold Lion N709/6BQ5/EL84 – Russia

Genalex Gold Lion N709/6BQ5/EL84 - Russia

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“The tubes sound great – very clean sounding, extended treble and bass, project a 3 dimensional soundstage, and vocals are well to die for.” Read

“Sound: balanced and full. They have the EL84 chime there, but it’s all just a bit more refined and balanced than the JJ.” Read

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One thought on “Genalex Gold Lion N709/6BQ5/EL84 – Russia

  1. No surprises here – another wonderful tube from Genelax from New Sensor. The tube outperformed practically all NOS tubes that I compared it to. NOS Mullard EL84 had just a bit more transparency, and Amperex EL84 D-getter had a bit more warmth. Overall the tube has fantastic bass (the first tubes that outperformed 6P14P-EV in that area), midrange was superb, very extended top range and details, details, details – fantastic! Compliments to the chef 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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