One thought on “Genalex A2900 Black Plates England

  1. This tube has a legendary status among tube enthusiasts. Some of it is because of its rarety. Some of it is just because of its price – the more expensive must be better 🙂 And maybe it actually sounds good.

    Although A2900 is considered to be a replacement for 12at7, it is not electrically equivalent, but will work in most 12at7 circuits. Putting A2900 into a 12at7 socket is like using a tank to plow a potato field (that has been done as well BTW :). The tube is designed for up to 550v vs 300 for 12at7. Power dissipation is 3.5W vs 2.5w. And it’s practically indestructible with 10,000 hours of life expectancy – for most people, that would be the only purchase they would need to make for 12at7 🙂 not a bad deal. Not only that, the tube has been designed to maintain it’s characteristics without much degradation until it reaches the end of its useful life – many tubes degrade linearly (getting worst and worst with time)

    Sound-wise, well, it’s as expected, a very transparent tube, with very low distortion and fantastic bass. It’s important to note that the tube achieves transparency without any edginess or grain – the failure of many new production tubes. Midrange very natural without any colorations and the soundstage is huge!

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