Brimar CV4068/13D3 Black Plates

Brimar CV4068/13D3 Black Plates

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One thought on “Brimar CV4068/13D3 Black Plates

  1. Another superb tube from Brimar. The brand is not as well known in audio circles as Telefunken or Mullard, but it should be. Brimar produced arguably some of the best audio tubes. Their special types 6060, 6067, etc. are some of the very best dual triodes.

    This is a very special tube and not only for its sound. CV4068 (also known as 6158 ) is an ultra-rare version of the ultra-rare 13D3 tube. That’s double ultra 🙂 The tube hasn’t been created for audio, but performs extremely well in 12au7 circuits, although it does produce more gain (30 vs 17) – transconductance is also a bit higher (2.5 vs 2.2)

    The sound is very transparent, but not fatiguing. The tube sounds very full in the mid-range – close to Mullard, but more transparent on the top, making the tube sound more airy than the Mullards. Great bass – tight and full.

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