2 thoughts on “GE 6550 Triple Getter

  1. There is a lot of controversy around these tubes. A few people claim that these are one of the worst 6550 tubes out there, some people claim that they are absolutely fantastic. I’ve done a lot of experimentation with the tubes and can say one thing for sure. These are one of the most transparent 6550/KT88 tubes that I was able to locate. I believe that the issues with the tubes come not from the tube itself, but from the fact that it is so transparent, so it allows sound from previous stages to go through practically unchanged and YES if you have a crappy tube in the previous stage, GE will show that. I matched GE with Tesla E83CC and Mullard M8162 tube and the results were superb. Not only there was not thinness in the sound, but the sound was incredibly open with huge sound stage and unbelievable clarity. In any case, these tubes do really require the whole set to be thought through, but ones they are matched with great preamp tubes the results are unbelievable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  2. More using and testing of these tubes and they are now my default tube in McIntosh. Delicacy that this tube brings to sound is just incredible!

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