Fivre 6J5GT Black Plates Italy

Fivre 6J5GT Black Plates Italy

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One thought on “Fivre 6J5GT Black Plates Italy

  1. What a beautiful tube. Made in Italy in the middle of the 1950s! Absolutely glorious sound. I use these in my 300B SE amp and the tube exceeded all my expectations. The tube does what only early production tubes could do – it has a very rich sound, but that doesn’t turn into running chocolate – but that is coupled with superb transparency across the board. The mid-range is very musical and luscious. The sound stage just sparkles on the top to make the deal better 🙂 I run these against Ken-Rad & Raytheon 6J5GT and both of the tubes had to go – and go fast. Usually, I spend a lot of time comparing different tubes – I try multiple songs, etc. In this case, with the first notes, it was obvious that US tubes were not even in the same ballpark. New gem in collection and new pleasure for my ears :))))))

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