Electro-Harmonix Gold 12ax7 Russia

Electro-Harmonix Gold 12ax7

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“The 12AX7-EH tube has a nice balanced sound, a very low noise floor and excellent performance in terms of microphonics.”

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1 thought on “Electro-Harmonix Gold 12ax7 Russia

  1. Who would have ever though that I would like Electro-Harmonix tubes, but this one is a winner. All the talk about Gold brand being a re-brand of a regular at a higher price, is a BS. The tube does look similar at first, but as you look at the details, you would notice that the tubes has a different deeper color of the plate and what’s even more important a spiral filament. The sound from the is tube was very clean, balanced and transparent from top to bottom. Of course it doesn’t have the richness of RCA or the mid-range lusciousness of Genalex, but then it holds its own. Sound stage is again the main issue – please engineers at new production factories, fix that issue! There is just no air in the sound. Other than that, the tubes is very cool – Microphonics, what microphonics? I hit the tube and hit the tube and hit the tubes and absolutely nothing – dead silence. Overall a very impressive attempt to make a great tube.

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