Amperex 7062 USA

Amperex 7062 USA

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“…he sound became more dynamic, and more inner detail starting to reveal itself. On recordings of grand piano the overtones and harmonics were more evident, giving more information to the sound.” Read

“…Sweet sounding and smooth, add to that the extra quiet and sonic focus of vintage Amperex manufacture, and you may never go back to a 12AT7 once you hear these.” Read

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2 thoughts on “Amperex 7062 USA

  1. A very cool tube. Not only it looks very cool standing 1/2 inch taller, but it also sounds fantastic. The tubes I got were US made Amperex (Holland Bugle Boy version is coming soon). All the rumors about great soundstage is very true. I’ve noticed that previously sound stage was not that good at very low volume with my 300B amp, with this tubes the sound stage even with low volume is very extensive – it feels that the music is enveloping you – exactly what I want from tube amp!!! It took about 20 hours for the tube to develop, but develop it did. Transparency is on the level of 12at7 Telefunken, which is quite fantastic. Highly recommended.

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