Amperex 12at7 Bugle Boy France

Amperex 12at7 Bugle Boy France

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“superb lively sounding 12AT7, Bugle Boys have a magical sounding upper midrange”

“Those French made 12AT7 Amperexes are supposed to be some of the best sounding AT7s made” Read

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One thought on “Amperex 12at7 Bugle Boy France

  1. If there would be 6 star rating, I would give this one all 6. I got that one at an unexpected place (don’t ask me, I purchased the last tubes). Didn’t know what to expect of them, but read reviews that they are one of the best. I have Telefunkens 12at7 and really like them. Sylvania 12at7 JHS is also a fantastic tube not giving Teles any ground. Now came Amperex. I haven’t used Holland made 12at7, so can’t judge the difference between French and Holland made.

    C’est si bon – was the first thought that came into my mind when the tubes started to play. The tubes had the definition of Teles, but with a more beautiful mid range, making them more musical. WOW! This is definitely my favorite 12at7 tube now. Incredible sound stage, great bass. All in one package. And all of that after I stated that all 12at7 are fairy similar – I’ve been proved wrong. There are good 12at7, great 12at7, and the best – these one is definitely one of the best.

    These sell relatively cheap right now – I saw them going for $10 a tube on Ebay!!! Get them if you can find them – they are a bitch to find. You are going to love them!

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