Sylvania JHS 5814WA High Triple Mica Gray Plates

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1 thought on “Sylvania JHS 5814WA High Triple Mica Gray Plates

  1. Don’t you love finding presents under a Christmas tree. Well, today I found a present – and I didn’t even know that it existed. There are very cool tubes that are called Sylvania JHS 6189 with high set third mica. They all come in black plates and I haven’t seen any other version before. Today I found a tube that looks exactly like that, but named 5814WA and has GRAY PLATES. You can imagine that I run to my amp immediately to see how it sounds. The great news is that I was not disappointed. It’s not as liquid as 5814 with low set triple mica, but this tube has superb definition and dynamics – and again, bass is not as good as black plates. If you find it, get it! RECOMMENDED

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