Tung-Sol 5751 Long Gray Plates

Tung-Sol 5751 Long Gray Plates

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“The most liquid of all the tubes, It lets the highs just roll off.” Read

“This has to be the most detailed sound I’ve ever gotten out of the ‘head.” Read

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One thought on “Tung-Sol 5751 Long Gray Plates

  1. I wanted to write about this tube for a very long time, so here we go. If you ever wondered what the term “liquid” means in the context of tube amps and tubes, just get the tube and no explanation will be necessary. You will just get it. This tube is superb. Not very well known, but highly regarded. If you look at the landscape of 12ax7/5751 tubes, this one will stand out due to its unique sound and unique looks. It looks like an average 12ax7, except for a thicker mica, but the sound is quite different compared to even 12ax7 Tung-Sol. As with all 5751, the sound is very detailed and very focused and controlled. All is there without exaggeration, but at the same time, the tube is not very neutral, which is great!!! It has character, it has balls, it has liquidity. When one note merges into another it’s like a binary, there is a note and then there is none. With Tung-Sol, one note is liquidly changes into another, like water from one glass into another. This becomes highly desirable with vocals. Female vocals are just incredible. Not very rare right now, so get it, get it, get it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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