Valvo E81CC/6201 Gold Pins

Valvo E81CC Gold Pins

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“Valvo 6201 falls somewhere in the middle between the fast and zippy Siemens and the suave crooning Sylvania” Read

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One thought on “Valvo E81CC/6201 Gold Pins

  1. All this rolling and all this searching for amazing tube and here we go – the search in 12at7 family is over – until the next gem 🙂

    This tube comes under different branding Philips, Valvo, etc, but one thing is always true it’s produced in Hamburg with D production code has type 6201 or E81CC and comes with gold pins.

    The tubes is truly amazing – the amount of details, air and sound stage is second to none and far ahead of the most. Delicacy of the sound is another huge selling point of the tube. As always, Valvo tubes have that magical sparkle on the top, but bass in not as rich and creamy as in something like Brimar 12at7 black plates. All in all, for music where you don’t need a brute force, but where details are essential, this is it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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