Valvo E80L Gold Pins Holland

Valvo E80L Gold Pins Holland
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One thought on “Valvo E80L Gold Pins Holland

  1. I had these tubes laying around for quite some time, but since they are not a direct replacement of EL84 I couldn’t use them right away. One day though, I modified one of my EL84 amps (a small change around the suppressor grid and the screen grid, as well as, pins 9 & 3 must be connected externally). The tube is rated at 10,000 hours! Making one of the most long-life power tubes. the E80L as a special quality output pentode designed for use in industrial equipment where the stability of characteristics and long-life are required. Although the tube has been introduced a very long time ago, 1952, there are practically no tube amps designed around it, which is a shame since the tube has a lot to offer. Sound-wise, the tube is very musical, very transparent, but without the edginess. Bass is very tight and well-articulated. Even in triode configuration, the tube produced a surprising amount of punch. So if you have EL84 amp you are not afraid of modifying, I would highly recommend the E80L to be used in it.

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