Tungsram ECC85

Tungsram ECC85

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“A fantastic underrated tube, the Tungsram Hungary is one of the best guitar and audio tubes in existence.” Read

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One thought on “Tungsram ECC85

  1. Darn! If there would be other tubes like that many people would switch to tube gear. Grossly underrated – as all Tugsram tubes – this tube is one of the tubes that you enjoy so much you just don’t want to switch to another tube to continue your rolling. Absolutely beautiful mids that make vocals basolutely shine and on the top of it the famous Tungsram dynamism. Great transparency, but not like Telefunken – you have to give up something 🙂 since there is not such thing as a perfect tube. Soundstage is absolutely superb not super wide that makes you disoriented, but just right. Very strong and controlled bass response. What else… I actually like the tube more than one of my favorite Tungs-ram 12au7 tubes. If you amp takes it, buy it now, the prices are still quite good for the tube. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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