Tesla E83CC Gold Pins

Tesla E83CC Gold Pins

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“I couldn’t believe the tone that I got. The amp really came alive. Tons of nice smooth gain.” Read

“The Tesla E83CC is an excellent performing tube. It is probably best suited for a high gain phono stage or mic input where its low noise attributes are most needed. ” Read

“The filigree detailing, sheer midrange ‘presence’ and huge soundstage these tubes give has to be heard to be believed!!” Read

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5 thoughts on “Tesla E83CC Gold Pins

  1. Wow! that was a mind blowing experience. I got these from Ukraine and was quite skeptical about the sound impact they have after 100+ tubes that I reviewed. So I put on of the tubes in my headphone amp, waited for it to warm up, selected a song, and… my jaw dropped because I couldn’t believe my ears. The difference was not big – it was unbelievable!!! After I recovered from the initial shock I decided to test this with 300B SET amp. The same result. The final test was with McIntosh and again it was just unbelievable. So the tubes staid in MC and I was sitting and just listening and re-listening to music that I know and love. Now about the sound… this tube produced a spooky feeling that the performance is in the room – it was unrealistically realistic 🙂 I couldn’t believe that my amp and speakers could actually produce sound so pure. Cymbals were so incredibly clean that I understood how badly the best of the best tubes could handle them. Forget about Amperexes sweetness – the cymbals don’t sound like symbols. This tube made it ring for real. Voice was upfront and incredibly realistic, very luscious, but not to the level of Sylvania 5751 – more clear, more lively. the only downside which is true for every tube amp with any tubes that I tried, they can’t add reality into bass. When a bass drum hits, you just don’t feel it like it is in the room like solid state amps and great subs can do. So, from my perspective – if you want reality – not warmth, not sweetens, but true performance right in you house, this is it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  2. So, I got my bedroom system finally set up with some Dynaudios, a very nice Integrated amp from Germany, a turntable, and a tube DAC that takes two 12ax7’s. So of course I come to this site to get some help navigating the maze.

    My god, these tubes are amazing.

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