Sylvania JHS 12au7 Black Plates

Sylvania JHS 12au7 Black Plates

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“… they are amazingly lush and deep, but still with good detail and imaging….” Read

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2 thoughts on “Sylvania JHS 12au7 Black Plates

  1. WOW. I got a bunch of tubes today and one of them was a strange looking tube called Sylvania JHS 12au7 with []-getter from 1950s. What the hell??? JHS was a military designation – how could it be next to 12au7? Well I decided to give it a try – I like JHS and GB because of their liquid sound, so this should be good, but I was not prepared to hear that. This tube is incredible – the liquidity of the Sylvania JHS 5814 with darkness and power of Westinghouse 12au7 Carbon Black Plates. I decided that it might be just me, so I tried to roll the tube with Mullard Long Plates and Box Plates and WOW, I liked Sylvania more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sonic signature of this tube is very similar to Sylvania JHS 5751 Black Plates with 3 micas – very lushes, very detailed and articulate. One of the the more interesting things to compare this tube to was Sylvania JHS 5814 and JHS 6189. In all trials, JHS 12au7 won the race. It had a much deeper and more lushes sound than the rest of the tubes. It’s going right now for about $7 for a tube!!! I was so impressed that I bought everything I could find on Ebay :), which was not a lot. Incredible find – I think I’m in love 🙂

  2. Interesting tube. I was coming fresh off the EH stock tubes. Honestly at first I didn’t like these. I missed the grip and definition when listening to my Lounge and Electronic music.

    Then a couple of things happened. I was sitting about 20 feet away at my dining room table listening to a song I’d heard 100 times before and the female singer’s voice projected right onto a wall about 7 feet in front of the speakers – i thought WOW!

    I still didn’t love the tubes because they were missing that definition and edge that I became accustomed to. Then I puton a John Lee Hooker blues mix and went to get take out food. When I came back home there was a “performance” playing in my living room – that was my second “wow”. The drums, the dark eerie vocals…the whole scene was in my living room. I started to really appreciate these tubes. They’re so easy to listen to, very pleasing on the ears, and give a good dose or “aura” and “tube magic”. And they are lush and liquid – characteristics that I’m REALLY starting to appreciate. Then I received some Tunsgrams and Teslas from Nick….

    Sylvania JHS 12AU7 Black Plates – 4 Stars

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