Sylvania Gold Brand GB-5814A/12au7 Long Gray Plates

Sylvania Gold Brand GB-5814A/12au7 Long Gray Plates

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2 thoughts on “Sylvania Gold Brand GB-5814A/12au7 Long Gray Plates

  1. There are multiple versions of the same Gold Brand 5814 tubes. I found at least 3 of them and this is the 4th. Gold Brand has been created as a premium brand for critical commercial and industrial applications with an expected average life of the tubes of 10,000 hours (that’s double of average 12au7). The tests that these tubes went through were quite crazy: extreme temperatures, 500 g impact shock!, tube parameters controlled to 0.65%, etc. The Gold Brand is not just selected tubes, but actually have different internals: Gold Plated Grid, Rhenium-Tungsten heater, Heater Over-Coat, Isolated Mica, etc.

    So with all of that, does it sound any good. Yes, it does. To the point of Gold Brand earning legendary status among audiophiles. This tube sounds very transparent and very smooth at the same time, no edginess at all. Instrumentals come through with huge holographic soundstage, air, and great separation between each instrument. I still prefer their triple mica version due to its very liquid nature, but that quality also makes the triple mica tubes slower. This tube is very dynamic with deep and solid bass. Overall another homerun by Sylvania.

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