2 thoughts on “Sylvania Gold Brand 6080

  1. Hard to find any reviews for this tube – just a few references here and there, so I was hesitant to buy it, but it’s the Gold Brand I thought – can’t be bad. So I invested $10 and very pleased with results. Unlike other 6080 tubes that have very tight sound, this is more relaxed. Compared to other tubes in 6as7 family, this is the most liquid tube. The music just flows out of it – artists feel like they sing their heart out – you want to continue listening and listening. It’s not as detailed as Bendix 6080 and not as relaxed as 5998, but this is the tube I keep using when I have all the other tubes. Combine this with another gold brand for input like GB 5814 or 5751 and you will be in the musical nirvana! Highly recommended!

    • Interesting take on the Sylvanias Gold Brand 6080, the way it was described above has its sound signature of a 5998 Tung Sol. I have a Mullard made tube, rebranded to Philips and it’s sound at first, to my ears was very lean, took a long week for my ears to appreciate it’s clean vocals. And the other Philips 6080WC tube I have is really ruff around the edges. Have a pair of Gold Brand Sylvania s coming in from Great Britain in a few weeks and have never been more anxious to demo a tube. Will be writing up a small 6080 comparisons of the three at Headfi.org Darkvoice 336se part 2 thread.

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