Sylvania 6SN7GT black flat plates

Sylvania 6SN7GT black flat plates

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“Good high end extension, a warm and full midrange and decent bass extension. Imaging is precise and the perceived staging is wide. What could be better?”

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One thought on “Sylvania 6SN7GT black flat plates

  1. Another Tre Fantastic tube from Sylvania. Very nice warm sound, great sound stage with fantastic precision in instrument placing. Sweet treble. The bass is not as tight as in Bad Boys, but at the same time it’s more rounded and natural. Would work fantastic in areas where extra bass is not needed. These tubes are predecessors of the famous T-plates and all come with foil getter on the bottom. Produced in late 40s and very early 50s. The tubes look very much like Ken-Rad tubes, but have a slight difference in construction (Ken-Rad has only holes that hold the plate, where Sylvania has 7 holes – very easy to spot a difference). In any case, this is a tube to have! A great thing about the tubes is that they don’t have a crazy price of T-Plates or VT-231 (yet). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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