Sylvania 6189/12au7WA Gray plates Triple Mica

Sylvania 6189/12au7WA Gray plates Triple Mica

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2 thoughts on “Sylvania 6189/12au7WA Gray plates Triple Mica

  1. Here is another interesting find. I’ve seen a lot of Sylvania 6189 tubes with long plates and double mica, but this one is with short plates and triple mica. Visually it’s very similar – practically the same – as Sylvania 5814 with triple mica and short plates, so my expectations were that it would sound exactly the same, but to my surprise the tube sounded very different – you still could hear characteristic Sylvania musicality in the tube, but it was definitely more transparent than 5814. Another major difference was that this tube is much faster than 5814. There is not as much decay in the notes, but at the same time not as much liquidity. Great tube – very transparent with good balance of speed and warmth. RECOMMENDED

  2. Hmmm…. the more I use this tube the more I like it. What grabs attention is transparency of the tube – to the point that this tube truly opens things up making them pop up from speakers.Still very musical tube, but combination of musicality and transparency makes performance just come alive.

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