Svetlana SED Winged C 6550C Russia

Svetlana SED Winged C 6550C

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Svetlana SED Winged C 6550C RussiaLoading...

“The Svetlana 6550C’s are the best all around 6550 IMHO” Read

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One thought on “Svetlana SED Winged C 6550C Russia

  1. When I think about KT88/6550 two main tubes come to mind – Genalex KT88 the original and reissue – but the original is becoming crazy expensive and hard to find.

    The other tubes in the same “I LOVE IT” category is Svetlana SED Winged C 6550C. The tubes is amazing. Brilliant performance across the whole range, with strong bass, solid sound body, openness, and sparkle on the top. Another huge benefit of the tube compared to new production tubes is it’s midrange – it adds fantastic amount of warmth and texture to sound that brings performers much closer to the listeners. I really like GE 6550A, but it’s thin sounding tube compared to SED. Also, compared the all KT88, the tubes has openness that makes it incredibly desirable for any kind vocals.

    The only issue with that tube is that it’s no longer produced. Last year of production was 2011. The factory since has been re-purposed to produce military GPS components – more lucrative I guess, but a huge loss for all tube enthusiasts.

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