Siemens E88CC Gold Pins

Siemens E88CC Gold Pins

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“It’s lively – has a palpable & real quality to individual performers with greater dimensionality than any of the above tubes.” Read

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2 thoughts on “Siemens E88CC Gold Pins

  1. This tube is definitely one of the best 6DJ8 tubes. Very airy, with huge sound stage and incredible vocals. Mids is the strongest part of the tubes – vocals just absolutely shine, being so delicate and luscious that you just want to keep listening – not even a gram of grain – smoooooth and super musical. If you are into vocal jazz, this is the tube to have; however, when something is that strong, you are guaranteed to pay somewhere else. The tube becomes a bit lifeless when it comes to a more dynamic music – I had to switch back to 6N23p-EV from the Siemens when I decided to listen to Classical music or even regular pop. It just didn’t have the drive and dynamics that the soviet tube could create. The tubes works great in bright systems, but in warm systems (or in my case one of the amps has RCA 6L6GC black plates that add great amount of warmth) the tube loses sparkle – literally – highs roll off too soon. So Vocals – there are no equal – tremendous!!! For more dynamic music – not so good. RECOMMENDED.

  2. I think you meant 6922 hehe. Totally agree on this one. Pretty solid all around performer in my project sunrise 2. I have four of these and I think the cca is best. No weaknesses with it.

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