Siemens 5814 Triple Mica

Siemens 5814 Triple Mica

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“The Siemens is energetic, precise, and dynamic, the tube I like to wake up a sleepy or softish vintage. Very quiet, with extended powerful bass.” Read

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One thought on “Siemens 5814 Triple Mica

  1. Very nice tube – very dynamic, transparent, airy – FANTASTIC sound stage. This tube is on par with Amperex 7316 & Raytheon CK5814 – the kings of linear and dynamic reproduction. Price wise, it’s right between Amperex & Raytheon. But as with the previous two tubes (not as much with Raytheon though), this tube is suffering from being too cynical in it’s sound. The sound is precise, but the precision is delivered by removing the warmth and life that we come to expect from tube amplifiers. For my tasted, it’s getting too close to solid state sound in it’s perfection that it’s becoming imperfect. Matched with warmer tubes in the signal path though, this tube starts to shine delivering all the above, but being smoothed out by tubes like CBS, Westinghouse or RCA – a killer combo – and depending on the position in your amp, you can make it more or less warm. So, you might love the tube or you might hate the tube, but it’s disputable a great piece of engineering! RECOMMENDED.

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