2 thoughts on “Reflector 6N23P-EV

  1. Another great tube from the Reflector factory. The sound signature is very similar to 6N30P from the same factory, but not as transparent through. 6N23P is a direct replacement for 6922 & 6DJ8. The EV designation is just to indicate that the tubes have been designed for long life and military use. Structurally the tube looks superb internally. Very well put tougher – when you see it you know that a lot of effort went into design & making of the tube – there are not flimsy Chinese micas in there – it’s built like a tank. Sound-wise the tube has great transparent sound, superb bass – as all Soviet tubes have – unmatched by any other tubes – and very mice warm mids. The top is a bit harsh in the beginning, but after about 100 hours of burn-in time (quite long for a tube) it opens up and starts to shine. This tube is definitely one of the best examples of 6DJ8 and 6922. I put it head to head with Siemens E88CC at 4x the price and that little Russian rocket survived the comparison and came out winning in bass!!! Not as sweet in the middle though. RECOMMENDED

  2. So I’ve been using this tube for about a week now. I’m trying to use different tutbes in my amplifier as I go, but a very strange thing happened, I’m coming back and back and back to this tube! I tried Siemens E88CC & Amperex PQ 7308, but I keep coming to 6N23P-EV. It just has that fantastic tone to it – very natural, very balanced. Very interesting…

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