RCA 5693/6sj7 Red Metal

rca 5693

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One thought on “RCA 5693/6sj7 Red Metal

  1. Recently I finished building a new 300B amplifier and decided to try different tubes to drive 300B monsters. I’ve rolled many different tubes 6J7, 6sn7, 27, 6sj7, 6sh7, 6AB7, etc. 5693 came on the top of the list of various tube that I’ve tried. Very transparent tube with fantastic sound stage. Transparency was not just a bit higher than many other 6sj7, but it was a huge step forward. It was not as warm and musical compared to Sylvania CHS 6SJ7, but feeling of presence was superb, which for me was a determining factor when selecing 6SJ7. RECOMMENDED

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