RCA 12au7 Long Gray Plates

RCA 12au7 Long Gray Plates

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2 thoughts on “RCA 12au7 Long Gray Plates

  1. Now that was fun. Got a bunch of tubes and 3 of them were long gray plate RCA 12au7. Usually I just though away gray plates, but these looked unusual and it was a good thing that I didn’t toss them out. These tubes have very similar character to the RCA black plates, but… 3 tubes and 3 different sounds. Each tube had a different plate structure and getter. One (right) had plate all the way up to mica and raised D getter. Two (middle) had a gap between the plate and the mica, in the middle and the color of the plate was not as smooth as the other two. Getter was slanted and attached directly to the plate. Three, that one (on the left) I have never seen before, very unusual design of the plate with a hole in the middle side of the plate and a raised D getter with a gap in the middle!!! And it sounded!!!!……

    No the third tube didn’t sound any different than the first one, although I really wanted it to sound different due to its unique design 🙂 1 and 3 had great bass and good HF extension. Overall very balanced. 1 has very nice, as good HF extension as the other tubes, but much smoother with MF and bigger sound stage. Instruments came through much more musical. I prefer this tube much more – this one is practically a replica of RCA 12au7 black plates with with more gentle nature.

  2. The more I’m listening to these tubes the more I like them. They have an incredible gentleness to them. Listening to Melody Gardot with these tubes is just absolute pleasure. Compared to black plates, they don’t overpower nuances of music with heavy bass – which is great in some cases, but destroys balance in other.

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