RCA 12au7 Black Plates

RCA 12au7 Black Plates

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“RCA black plate is nice all around but not as clear and low distortion as the EE.” Read

Yet again. Very view reviews are available on Internet. See reviews from this site in comments.

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One thought on “RCA 12au7 Black Plates

  1. During testing, this tube turn mixed bag of results, but at the end came out as one of the best tubes in 12au7 family if you like full, warm sound in your amp. At first the tube went into input stage and I was a bit disappointed. The tube produced warmth and richness as expected from RCA of 50s vintage, but details were lacking. HF rolled off way too early. Sound stage was quite wide. Next step was to place it in driver stage and WOW what a transformation. The sound stage is huge and this tube didn’t affect the HF roll off in this stage. Diana Krall’s song “Love Letters” just bounced off the walls expending size of the room. Now, I played with quite a few tubes to ensure that what I’m hearing is correct. I tried CBS 12BH7, RCA 5963, WH 12au7, Raytheon 6414. Out of all of them only WH could keep up with RCA 12au7 black plates slanted getter. This tube took place in driver stage of my amp for now – until I find something better 🙂

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