Raytheon 12ax7 Black Plates

Raytheon 12ax7 Black Plates

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“I can’t remember who, but some here recommended that I try out a Raytheon 12AX7A in my V1 instead of the RCA I have in there. Man, am I impressed!!!” Read

” As a class of tubes, the black plate Raytheon are truly superb–equal to the best of the RCA. The Raytheon sound has a hint of darkness added to the detail.” Read (source is gone)

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One thought on “Raytheon 12ax7 Black Plates

  1. Great reviews on the tube, but I personally didn’t find it interesting. I’ve read that the tube sounds great in guitar amps, but not in home theater gear. Can’t check that statement, but in McIntosh the tube sounded OK and nothing special althouhg it did provide a very controlled an tight bass with good warmth. It really doesn’t compare well with the leaders like Telefunken, Mullard or Sylvania GB. Bass and HF we all there, although I did find the tube a bit sharp in HF. Sound stage is a bit compressed compared to the leaders. This is the first Black Plate that was sounding too much like Gray Plates that I don’t like so much. The sound was too much “in your face.”

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