Mullard CV455/12at7 3 holes O-getter

Mullard CV455/12at7 3 holes O-getter

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2 thoughts on “Mullard CV455/12at7 3 holes O-getter

  1. This tube has a very similar sound to a regular Mullrad 12at7 although at it is practically always the case with military production, the tube is more transparent. Great tube, but I can’t say that I’m in love. It has a great balance across the board and performed very well with various music that I would throw at it. It behaves like a great soldier – just do it – no pretense.

  2. Found myself in urgent need of a quad of 12ax7 tubes for a project. As I was working on the equipment they were for, I was running in the NEW production Mullard 12AX7 I picked up from Tube Depot. Just told them to send four matched. Total cost $56.00 U.S. shipped.

    I bought another set as these stayed in my Tube mono blocks.
    Two things. My NOS ecc803 teles were getting end of life – but functional and still sounded good and tested within spec.

    the Mullards were very cost effective, available immediately and personally, I wanted to check out new sensor production products.

    I cannot fault these mullards. They are staying. I am very happy with Tube Depot too – great sale, great sound !


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