Mullard 12au7 Sort Plates Mitcham

Mullard 12au7 Sort Plates Mitcham

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One thought on “Mullard 12au7 Sort Plates Mitcham

  1. Another day and another surprise 🙂 I didn’t expect or know that Mitcham plant made 12au7 from Mullard. Mitcham plant was primarily making military tubes – CV4003, M8163 in the 12au7 family, but this is marked as 12au7 and no military insignia of any sort. It has clear markings of Mitcham plant with R0D date code. So how does it sound? I was a bit disappointed. It has the very distinctive Mullard sound, with a bit more details; however, the tightness of the sound makes it not very musical. There is not much air with the tube – the sound is not the desert dry you get with reissue, but it’s not that airy, warm and musical sound that you get with the best NOS tubes. Not my favorite tube at all.

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