One thought on “Mullard 10M 12ax7 Short Plates

  1. This is the cream of the crop of 12ax7 tubes. Masters Series 10M tubes have been specifically designed to be a masterpiece from durability, longevity (10,000 hours!), tolerances, noise and sound.

    Based on my tests, the tube is an ultra-low noise, measuring -89 dB, one of the lowest in the 12ax7 family by far. Tolerances on these tubes are fantastic, all tubes that I’ve tested are perfectly on within 2-3%. These tubes have also been designed to age gracefully maintaining these tolerances. A very expensive tube, but considering a long life, you are likely to buy it once and keep it for life (at 3 hours a day, the tube will last for 10 years!). Sound is as expected from the later production of the Mullard tubes. Very natural and transparent – nothing is between you and the recording.

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