Mazda 12au7 Cifte

Mazda 12au7 CifteMazda 12au7 Cifte

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“having a wonderful 3D sense of space and it does!! The stage seems larger than
life. The only flaw it might have would be on bright systems it tends
to have a happy high end, but I can live with it”. Read

“Beautiful punch/dynamics, with the leading edge of the Telefunken’s without the “etch”. The body of the harmonic is not quite as full as the long plate Mullard’s/Amperex’s but more body then the Telefunken’s.” Read

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One thought on “Mazda 12au7 Cifte

  1. This tube has the same sonic characteristics as regular Mazda 12au7 with a channel opening in a plate. See our previous review

    However, I found this military tube after burning in to be a bit fuller than the civilian version. I highly recommend this tube – for concerts (I tried – rock, pop, classical) it’s just unmatched – the air, the soundstage, the sparkle it brings makes the performance jump out of your speakers and land right in your room.

    Now about price, these tubes have $45-50 asking price on Ebay and at some dealers, but it’s still possible to get them for about $20-25 a tube with a bit of negotiation and search.

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