Genalex Gold Lion 12ax7 Standard Pins China

Genalex 12ax7 Standard Pins Russia

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2 thoughts on “Genalex Gold Lion 12ax7 Standard Pins China

  1. This tube completely surprised to be in multiple ways. First of all, New Sensor just started manufacturing them, but to my surprise, the tube was made in China – not Russia as usual. The second surprise came when I listened to it. The tube is musical and warm – actually quite pleasant to listen to. There is not usual harshness of the tubes made in China and cheaper versions of Russian tubes. It’s smooth. The more I listened to it, the more I liked it. Great bass. Very nice middle range and good top-end extension. Kind of reminds me of vintage Sylvania sound – a bit flatter around mid-range.

    Here are some comments that I received about the tube:
    “This standard Genalex is my answer to the overly brite egnater rebel 20 amp,i put a NOS Mullard in v1 and the Genalex in v2 and fantastic is the result. I have the gain at 7.5 and chords hold together and all the notes come thru even though its breaking up! This tube has to be pushed hard to over-drive! great tube. The effects loop may be good there also.
    My friend luvs it in his Fender blues jr.”

    “Hi just letting you know this tube has the warmest harmonic lows ever made in china as i have many of there 12ax7-5751 tubes. If you have a brite harsh guitar amp this is a instant fix.”

  2. BTW, the tube has some crazy gain numbers – in area of 108-110! The majority of 12ax7 tubes come to 90-95. I was concerned that this would come at a price of noise, but it showed very respectable noise number of -83-86 dB.

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