Gekko Silver Dream interconnect and digital cables

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Well, after reviewing Gekko speaker cables, I finally got their silver digital and RCA analog ones and, since I got amazed again I had to put some words here about it. All in all, the sound retained its character, well known from the speaker wires. It is incredibly open and natural, with outstanding musicality and three-dimensionality at the same time being quite warm.

Of course, it needs some time to settle down, completing its sounstage quality to the final level. Excellent and meticulously controlled bass with tons of details and no harsness at all, simply I could not force my already opened system (with ACR Isostatic) to sound harsh with those cables. That is something I could not achieve with other cables, copper or silver, cheaper or more expensive, no matter.


The digital domain also gained the same degree of performance. Compared to my previous Belden-based copper cable, everything improved. Lower background noise with wonderful bass and full-bodied but still very detailed sound, there is “air” everywhere, simply surrounding the listener. It outperformed my Wireworld supernova toslink type of connection, especially in naturalness of presentation.

Synergy of those three silver cables in my system sounds really magnificent. Again, congrats to Gekko, these cables are highly recommended, especially considering their price/quality ratio!

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