GE 6829 Long Gray Plates

GE 6829 Long Gray Plates

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” Sound was again in the top group for overall detail and tone quality. Low level detail was probably the most apparent of all the tubes tested, and it had a particularly subtle tonal presentation, distinguishing between some hues and colours missed by the others.” Read

“rich, detailed, warm, and thanks to the lower mu, very quiet and low in microphonics.” Read


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One thought on “GE 6829 Long Gray Plates

  1. Beautiful tube. Very much like 7062, can be used in place of 12at7 space permitting since it’s 1/2 inch taller than 12at7. Sound wise – very detailed with great sound stage, not very warm, but again with GE’s sharpness in treble. I’m not sure if it’s the material GE uses or if it’s just me hearing sharpness in all GE tubes. Overall not a bad tube.

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