One thought on “GE 6189 Black Plates Triple mica

  1. Another tube that’s practically impossible to find, but another example of exceptional engineering work. This tube is not only the best GE that I had a pleasure to listen to, but also is one of the best 12au7 tubes. It rivals Amperex 7136 in the amount of details and dynamics. It especially shines in mid-range where voice comes through so natural and balanced that it’s as close to “being there” as I was able to get. The only tube that takes you closer is Tesla E83CC, but since they are different types of tubes and very few systems allow them to be used interchangeably, that’s not a fair comparison. Sounds stage is another strong side of the tube – it’s very large, but at the same time not washed out – so instruments could be easily placed. Are there downsides, well… top is not as bright as Amperex or RCA, but in some systems that could be plus. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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