GE 5751 5 Stars Black Plates

GE 5751 5 Stars Black Plates

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“i think the vintage G.E. 5751 have the best sound from those 5..warm sound clear mid ranges.” Read

“… on that configuration the GE 5751 3 mica black plates just has no equal.” Read

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2 thoughts on “GE 5751 5 Stars Black Plates

  1. This is a very good tube – it’s actually the best GE tube that I’ve heard :). Very good bass and mid-range – very good soundstage. Great details. It is 5-Star after all. In a blind test that I performed, this tube was indistinguishable from Sylvania JHS 5751. Even the construction of the two tubes is extremely similar to just a few differences. In any case, highly recommended – if you don’t spend $100 on Sylvania JHS or Gold Brand – try this one first, you might be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Rolled this tube again through another amp and another prove that this tube is superb! I compared it again to JHS, RCA & GB 5751 tubes. The sound between black plates is incredibly similar with GB with gray plates standing out of the bunch. Very good, very transparent tube.

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