GE 12ax7 Long Gray Plates

GE 12ax7 Long Gray Plates

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“They are beautiful sounding tubes, extremely well balanced from top to bottom, very warm and detailed with a lot of air.”

” It is a great sounding tube, with wonderful air and detail. ”

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One thought on “GE 12ax7 Long Gray Plates

  1. Finally something good from GE. Not as good as their 5751 Black Plates, but better than the current production and at unbelievable price of around $5 a tube – that half the price of current production with a much better sound. The tube can’t be placed in the same category as RCA long plates due to the GE’s trademarked sharpness of the sound at the mid to high frequency range (for example acoustic guitars sound much sharper and not as pleasant as with other great tubes), but this sharpness is very slight in that tube. Much better than the short plate brother.

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