Cossor 12at7/ECC81 D-getter Solid plates

Cossor 12at7/ECC81 D-getter Solid plates

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Cossor 12at7/ECC81 D-getter Solid platesLoading...

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One thought on “Cossor 12at7/ECC81 D-getter Solid plates

  1. And one more fantastic tube from Mullard branded by Cossor, I usually don’t include re-branded tubes in reviews since who cares about them since they are the same as the other tubes, but in this case I just had to share – beautiful tube from 1955 made in Blackburn factory with D-getter and solid plates (compared to the later plates with 3 holes). As with all tubes of mid to late 50s, the tube sounds great. Soundstage is very large, great amount of warmth and transparency – smooth as silk. Bass is something to really note about this tube – not that it’s the strongest of all tubes – definitely not a match for Brimar 12at7 black plates, but it’s the most refined. With that tube i was able to hear drums in places I didn’t expect they existed – and no, it was not a hallucination. :). Very clear, superbly precise.

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