CBS-Hytron 6sn7GT Black T-Plates D-getter

CBS-Hytron 6sn7GT Black T-Plates D-getter

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CBS-Hytron 6sn7GT Black T-Plates D-getterLoading...

“Of my NOS 6sn7s I always preferred the RCAs but the Hytrons are another level above.” Read

“Quiet and musical, the best of the non-military tubes”

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2 thoughts on “CBS-Hytron 6sn7GT Black T-Plates D-getter

  1. CBS-Hytron’ve done it again. This tube is standing above the majority of 6SN7GTs and is in some areas outperforms even renowned Sylvania Bad Boys! Incredibly musical, smooooth, with a very solid bass and warmth, top is as sweet as it gets, mmmmmm. This is one of the tubes that you can listen for hours and not get tired. This is as close to getting to vintage sound that you can get without moving to foil getters, which are rare and very expensive. I would say this tubes is for 6sn7 as Hytron 5814 is for 12au7 family. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  2. This first tube I listened to was with white print. The next one was with red print. Overall the same sound signature, but as it always is, later production tubes are not as refined. Still a superb tube.

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