Battle of the Titans – 6900 vs 6N30P-DR

Battle of the Titans - 6900 vs 6N30P-DR

How does the legendary Bendix 6900 compare sound-wise to the legendary Reflector 6n30p-DR?

This was a very interesting test. I expected it to be easier, but at the end of the day, both tubes earned the right to be considered the best audio vacuum tubes ever produced. The clear winner was not determined, as each tube was better than the other depending on the music.

Both tubes demonstrated very similar sound characteristics, which made it hard to even separate the tubes in some music compositions. 6900 has stronger and deeper bass than the DR, you can really hear the difference in Michel Jonasz’s Le lac gele, which made it shine in rock, electronic, etc, but at the same time that made tube sound not as delicate as the DR. I’m not trying to say that DR sounded weak in bass, not at all, but it didn’t have the depth that made 6900 more visceral. The DR truly shined with jazz, saxophone never sounded better in Houston Person’s Just Blues, the air, the realism made it sound like the artist was right in the room

At the end of the day, it’s hard to go wrong with either tube, but if you have a chance and money (both are crazy expensive) to get these tubes, they will dramatically improve the sound of your system.

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