One thought on “Amperex E180CC/7062 Pinched Waist D-getter

  1. Another cool looking tube from Philips/Amperex produced in Holland. All these pinched waist tubes are in huge demand because a lot of people believe that they are special. It proved to be absolutely true with 6922 pinched waist. So now, I got my hands on E180CC pinched waist from 1957. These tubes come with that cool looking D-getter with foil handing off the getter (it’s quite easy to see it on the picture). At the same time, I had similar tube from 1959, but without pinched waist – getter was quite the same. So let’s see…

    What jumped at me right away was the fact that the tubes had a very creamy and delicate sound with practically no sharpness present – it was quite impressive! Vocal presentation was very musical and delicate – super for female vocals. Bass was very solid and quick, although not as quick as with some other 12at7 tubes like Mazda. However, if you are after superb transparency, this tube didn’t deliver that. Overall a fantastic tube with enough lusciousness to melt your heart!

    I compared it side by side with non-pinched waist (but D-getter) and both of them sounded similar, but pinched waist won in delicacy although non-pinched waist was a bit more transparent.

    In any case, both tubes are superb and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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