Amperex 7316 Short Plates O-getter

Amperex 7316 Short Plates O-getter

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Everybody has to see this, and your ears will smile :). YouTube

“The Amperex 7316 early version, with a D-getter, is not as fat, lying sonically between the Mullard and Telefunken, it is extremely sweet with a euphonic rounded midrange and good bass.” Read

“They have excellent prat, but sound a little bright in my system. The mids are warm and clear. They are nice tubes, but not worth paying a premium for.” Read

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2 thoughts on “Amperex 7316 Short Plates O-getter

  1. Well, this tube is the legend, the “holly grail”. Some guys, like the guy on the YouTube video are ready to marry it. I’m not sure about the reason – it might be because they paid huge amount of money for it. I’m not extremely impressed. I mean, it’s one of the best 12au7 tubes, but just one of them. The sound is superbly detailed and dynamic with warmth in mid-range, but it’s being hyped up to the point that this is the only tube that you would ever need. To me this feels like an artificial hype. I put this tube head-to-head against with Telefunken, Mazda & … Raytheon Windmill getter. Sonically, 7316 is very, very close to Raytheon, maybe with a little bit more warmth in mid-range, but Raytheon holds it’s own in clarity and dynamics. Telefunken clearly is better when it comes to air and Mazda is quite better in HF sparkle. Don’t take me wrong – it’s a worthy tube, but… Raytheon costs $15, Telefunken – $20, Mazda – $25, 7316 – $80!!! There is definitely something wrong here. I have to admit that I have not tried the long plate version of 7316, but that beast is so illusive that it’s easier to spot The Flying Dutchman than the tube. Anyways, Highly recommended tube, but not at the price.

    Note: The two that I tried had a small halo getter from 1963

  2. Well… so much for not being able to find 7316 long plates. I just scored a pair for unbelievable price. Stay tuned… the review is coming as soon as I receive them. Subscribe to RSS FEED.

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