Audio Research VS115

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WOW!!! This is a beast of a machine. Size wise, it’s about two times bigger than McIntosh 275, but that’s where the superiority ends.

It’s hard to compare new amplifiers directly from manufacturers with a fine tuned machine like my MC, but compare I must. I’ve been waiting to review this amp for quite some time – about 2 months and finally the store loaner has arrived. Good looking machine, but very contemporary. Very wide base with 3 huge transformers without any enclosure. The whole thing looks very menacing, but in no way elegant.

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Bravo V2 tube headphone amp

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And here comes another tube amplifier. I was very skeptical when I saw this thing on ebay at first. “$86 shipped for a tube amp?”, I thought. It must be a piece of sh**. But I wanted a tube amp for my office at work. It had to be something small. So I started to research about this tube amp and a couple of other amps on ebay. After a bunch of research and being guided by the following thread, I was very close to making my decision.

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Yaqin MS-20L

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“New to tube sound, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but had an idea in all the research and comments on tubes. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED AT ALL. In fact I was somewhat blown away at first ” light up “. Maybe it was just the song, but WOW everything was better from top to bottom. The difference was night and day in comparison to the Onk which wasn’t bad, but the Yaqin was better/different in all categories.” Read

“Turned the map on, waited for 20 seconds for it to come alive. And started playback…. What can I say. The whole music scene came alive – I felt the band in the room – incredibly realistic, incredibly warm – complete sonic nirvana. Superb reproduction of Vocal Jazz!!! It’s still burning in and I can hear harsh notes, but overall very impressive. “

All you need to know about Yaqin MS-20L could be found here

And even more reviews

Yaqin US Distributor

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Dared VP-300B

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“Rock out at ear-splitting volumes? Look elsewhere…Enjoy intimate small-group jazz, pop, folk, or chamber music? Give these a listen right away.”

“After a brek in period for the tubes and amp, I will say this is a very good sounding amp. Will it beat a Cary or a Jadis? NO! But it is very good for the money. “ Read

“I’d say I have “liquid mids” and “microdynamics” just galore in here! “ Read

“Warm and lush character with current tubes. Extremely easy to listen to with its involving character. Smooth treble, vocals and midband which cannot be comapred to w/my SS or PP tube amps, regardless of tubes used. ” Read

Contact Joe directly

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McIntosh MC 275 IV

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No reviews necessary for this amp. 🙂 But just in case…

“Carefully set up and matched with other components, the McIntosh MC275 is a very good, very well-balanced amp that goes higher, lower, louder, and softer, with more texture and detail, than you might expect from a “modified classic”—or, for that matter, from any tube amp costing less than $5000. It certainly did more of all that than I was expecting. By any standard, it made listening to all kinds of music a pleasure. I could happily live with it. “ Read


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