Tung-Sol 12au7 black plates vertical D-getter

Tung-Sol 12au7 black plates vertical D-getter

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1 thought on “Tung-Sol 12au7 black plates vertical D-getter

  1. What an absolutely fantastic tube! This is one of the first 12au7 tubes that has been produced – made in 1948. Crazy. It has the early vertical D-getter and black plates. Sound wise… this is cream of the crop in 12au7 family. Super transparent and musical with fantastic air and sound stage. But what separates this tube from the rest is smoothness – there is just no grain when the tube is used. I only can compare it to Bendix 6900 tubes – which is the smoothest tube that I have ever tried. This Tung-Sol is extremely close to 6900. So if you come across the tube, just get it. For these tubes, I would even buy a single if available, even if you need pairs since finding pairs is practically impossible. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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