Sylvania 5751 – Quest for a gem

As quite a few of you know, Sylvania 5751 JHS or GB with 3 micas is considered to be “the holy grail” of audio tubes. However everybody is trying to purchase JHS version with black plates or GB version with gray plates. They totally look cool with all these gold pins or gold letters and if you collecting them, definitely go for gold, but if you want to buy them to listen to them… I will try to help to save you some major bucks and get the same famous sound. There will be no compromises, just a way to get the same gold brand but for $20-25 a tube – I got them as low as $15!!! I will focus on gray plates – I actually prefer sound of gray plates to black plates – it’s much creamier.

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Raytheon 5751 Black Plates 3 mica

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“The strength of this tube is its overall balance. Its got the 5751 sense of focus in spades, is clean, open and evenhanded in frequency response if just a little sweet on top.” Read

“Very sweet, warm vocals. Very open soundstage. With classical, you really feel the vibration of the violin strings. It is very warm and very nice. It really gives a distance sensation.” Read

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Ken-Rad 12ax7 Black Plates

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GE purchased Ken-Rad in 1945, so a lot of references are for GE not Ken-Rad

” The GE Black plate 12AX7 (and 5751) have an enchanting and beautiful sound.  Articulation is excellent, though not as detailed as the TungSol.  Sound stage is expansive and inclusive.” Read



Raytheon 5751 Black Plates, Windmill

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“I do believe I’m in love. The Raytheon black plate 3 mice (1961)
is truly wonderful. I do like it better even than a GE BP 3-mica (1957).
clarity, dynamics, bass. yum.”

” Sweet and smooth Raytheon 5751 tubes with the rare four bladed windmill shape top getter. Rich and smooth tone with quiet background.” Read

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Sylvania JHS 5751 Black Plates, 3 mica

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“Wow, now here is a tube I didn’t expect to be as nice as it is, especially with the gold brand to compete with. This is a great tube, very solid buy. The dynamics are great, and they reproduce the sound very accurately.” Read

“Its strength is its midrange, but it may also be its weakness. The mids here are full, lush, tangible and maybe (just maybe) a trifle overblown. Occasionally i find the lush full vocals obscure just a bit of detail and reduce transparency slightly, but the mids are so lush I could understand how you might not care.” Read

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