RCA 7025 Short Plates

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This tube has been specifically designed for Audio applications and has very low noise and microphonics.

“i put in this rca 7025, gave it a couple minutes to warm up, put in some brushfire fairytales and i was like, “damn.” i was pretty much floored at the improvement. ” Read

Sweet, liquid, musical and responsive. Very dynamic and real sounding.


1 thought on “RCA 7025 Short Plates

  1. Great overall tube with fantastic balance – and definitely no microphincs. I was hitting it with finger quite hard with no audible effects 🙂 Very smooth sound, not as smooth as RCA 12ax7 Long Gray Plates, but quite close. I have not tried 7025 Long plates, which I bet would sound same as 12ax7 long plates. Sound wise, great bass, good, but not overly sweet mids, very good HF extension. No sharpness in should as with quite a few other gray plates. Very transparent sound and good soundstage. Now, this tube doesn’t really cross into WOW territory, but great overall performer.

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