Mullard CV4003 Box Plates

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“They are my favorite NOS I have tried.” Read

“… competent at best and not really anything special – in fact I would say this is a fairly unexceptional tube family with just a few high points… ” Read

1 thought on “Mullard CV4003 Box Plates

  1. A fantastic tube. Definitely one of the leaders in the pack. The amount of details it can communicate in a musical performance is superb; however I found it to be less “communicative” than Mullard’s own 12au7 Long Gray Plates. With long plates version being more expensive – it’s not surprising. Very smooth presentation – you want to listen on and on. Compared to RCA long gray plates, which is quite smooth, it definitely wins, with RCA having some sharp notes at extremes. Highly Recommended, but it’s definitely getting quite expensive – running at $50 a tube.

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