GE 5 Stars 5687 Black Plates Holes in Plate

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1 thought on “GE 5 Stars 5687 Black Plates Holes in Plate

  1. I just got my preamp rewired for 5687 tube. Not a very well know tube compared to 12ax7, 12au7 family, but with huge following that belive that the tube has superior characteristics. Huge advantage of 5687 is the drive it can create – it’s capable of 10 mA where 12ax7 can only manage 1 mA.

    GE delivered on their 5687 tube. Very neutral sound characteristic – very similar to 5751 & 5814 black plates tubes. Very fast, with great bass response. Not as warm as other 5687, but give the others run for their money in dynamics. It’s selling right now for half of the other 5687!!! RECOMMENDED.

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