Dario Miniwatt 18ECC/E180CC Pinched Waist D-getter

Dario Miniwatt 18ECC/E180CC Pinched Waist D-getter

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1 thought on “Dario Miniwatt 18ECC/E180CC Pinched Waist D-getter

  1. Wow, what a wonderful tube. Came across it by pure accident. The tube is from 1956 with pinched waist and D-getter. There is so little information about this tube – not even pin out, but a bit of research and experimentation and tada! The tube is a direct replacement for E180CC/7062 tubes – although I’m not sure about life span of this tube. E180CC has 10,000 hours for lifespan, but this tube might not be as durable. It also could be used in place of 12at7/ECC81 in the majority of cases. Like e180CC this tubes is about 1/2 inch taller than 12at7 and take a bit more current (0.3 mA). Gain of this tube is around 40 mu, so it could be used in place of 12au7/ECC82 tubes with fantastic results.

    The sound of this tube is what impressed me the most. This is cream of the crop of triode tubes – incredibly smooth, superbly delicate and wonderfully rich. The tube takes a lot of my favorite performances to a new level. Pure joy!!! Very musical with notes just going on and on. It’s incredible that this tube is not very well known and is still available. I think I’m in love 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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